Informasi terbaru Darwin and Ambon Seal Their Ties With a Yacht Race
Ambon. The annual Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race and Rally, which is the main feature in Maluku’s Sail Banda event, will continue to be held as part of the sister-city program between Darwin and Ambon, the Australian city’s mayor said on Monday.

Speaking in Ambon, the capital of Maluku province, Darwin’s mayor, Graeme Sawyer, said the race was important to the strengthening of ties between the two cities and their residents.

“The people of Darwin have a very friendly relationship with their friends in Ambon, and thus they make use of the yacht race every year to visit,” Sawyer said.

The Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism has also backed the race.

“We support the event because, in addition to strengthening ties between Darwin and Ambon, it also has a positive impact on the flow of tourists to Maluku,” ministry spokesman Firmansyah Rahim said.

He added that the ministry had since 2006 hosted a challenge cup for winners of the Darwin-Ambon race.

Firmansyah expressed optimism that the number of participants in the race would increase in the coming years as security in Maluku continued to improve following sectarian violence that devastated Ambon and surrounding areas from 1999 to 2002.

The Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race and Rally was initially organized by the Darwin-based Cruising Yacht Association of the Northern Territory.

The association ran the event from 1976 until 1998, when it was suspended for safety and security reasons. The race resumed in 2006.

Meanwhile, at another event for Sail Banda on Sunday, a local welfare organization set a new national record by serving 2,010 dishes made from 30 different kinds of fish.

The National Makan Patita communal feast was organized by the Ambon City Family Welfare Movement.

“The effort also met our halal criteria,” said Paulus Pangka, from the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI), which certified the record-breaking event.

With every district in the province represented by a stand serving up traditional fish dishes, the Makan Patita event ran from the provincial treasury building in downtown Ambon to the famed Trikora Monument on Jalan Diponegoro.

The event will climax today with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono scheduled to attend to watch the various featured events, including a regatta. The president is also expected to declare Maluku a national fish stock area.

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